Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cat in the Woods...

Biggest gossip this christmas' not who's Manutd gonna buy, but Tiger Woods, the best golfer turned goofy, the cheater, the tiger turned pussy who hide himself in the Woods, no guts to admit. There, I'll say that, woman's one of the most influential "thing" on earth_to man. In your whole life, you are advised to have woman only, not women! Having woman is ady like keeping an unpredictable bomb, imagine having're awaiting destruction at nuclear level. Remember my brothers, the biggest sex organ in your body is not your ? inch lil' bro, but your mind, remember the cons before you let your lil' bro do anything self destructive!

It was one day before I fly back to Sibu, had a deep conversation with my classmate, Haridasan. When talked about love, he asked me when am I gonna get a girlfriend? I wanna say: Dude, this question is tougher than any question in microbiology, but instead, I say I don't know, too much to concern, afraid to be committed because it means less freedom and responsibility which I can't imagine if I can handle. "What are the responsibilities you're refering to?" was the next question thrown. There was silence...until there was a bird flying by and chirping around and I said, I don't know. Hmm...that was a good question actually. Maybe, just maybe, thinking too far ahead of the future in relationships or in any other things is my biggest issue, sometimes, you just need to go into it first, then only you can see things more clearly regarding your future, open the door and step forward, not standing by the doorside just peeping through crevice.

I guess getting a DSLR would start a new chapter in my life as 2010 approach. It's time to put in more determination to develop more passion and skills to further upgrade who I'm. I don't want to miss anything beautiful around me. Photography would definitely help me observe more. Through observing every details in life, I hope to appreciate life to the max, be more grateful towards God, God's creations, God's blessings towards my family, my friends. new year wishes, besides wishing for continuos blessings from God to my family and friends, I wish for great appetite to eat while building six pack, I wish to have a gf (if God thinks I'm ready) of my dream, I wish for passion and determination to be better in everything I desire to be.