Saturday, November 13, 2010

The New Begining of that...but not the end of this!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I know I know...

I know what I’m thinking, I know how love matters to me, I know my feelings thoroughly towards the one I love, it’s not that I’m scared of being hurt or get committed, I’m just not motivated to make that change yet (maybe just maybe one do need to get desperate to fall in love), the change that I thought will influence some big chunk of my life, it is indeed a big change for me(maybe I overthink the huge_ness of love)…(especially as you love someone, you no longer take full control of yourself, you’re sharing your remote control with someone else vice versa. When she’s emotionally disturbed, you’ll be influenced as well as you love her and care bout her, and most of all it’s because you seem like being a part of her ady, you can’t help it.

Maybe that’s why marriage in christianity means a male and a female love each other and 2 became 1 eventually, as you swear for the one time only in life, to GOD, that you’ll love her as much as yourself/even more, because she’s in you and you’re in her, spiritually unseperatable, neither physically nor mentally, but SPIRITUALLY!)…and how sometimes I wish I could dug a hole and buried my head into the earth like an ostrich. Wheewww…

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chinese valentine's day...

Had a great one, for the first time I wasn't "lonely" for valentine's day...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blue blue blue...everything blue!

In life, sometimes, something, you just can't help it, you can't do anything...and in life, no one, YES, NO ONE can appreciate as much as you've done...Sibu, as I've observed so far, is a hideout for MOST rich people(meaning not all sibu ppl rich)...hmm, guess what friends around me are buying for chinese new year? Who cares? All you have to know is, they are all four digit_ed. Told my parents bout that as after meal gossip, end up telling me, you also got your D-SLR for four digits what! You're too influenced by those stuff. WHAT THE FUCK! How's is it fair to compare two different category stuff with two different intentions together? As much as I've been influenced(not affected!) by friends around me, I've not even bought any single item more than RM150, not even on big occasions like my 21st b'day when I really really liked that Gucci clip wallet and Toywatch so much. Fashion, I care, that's why I like those nice luxury stuff, but as far as GOD has made me, I'm able to resist the temptations of owning one of those stuff WILLINGLY, so can you please at least give me a compliment or an appreciation to me being a son_that've appreciated everything you two had given me (which your daughter doesn't know), knowing how hard is it for both of you to earn every single cent (which your daughter doesn't appreciate either) to make my life without financial worries. So sad for me when you compare a D-SLR (which I'm determined to develop a skill) to those of my friends who've bought 2 laptop and a desktop in 1 yr's timefor himself despite family financial crisis/gucci, burberry, bling bling watches whenever there's mood to buy/NO.30 badminton racket for his collection...etc. And then I realize what I'm lacking in life now, not LOVE, but appreciation. I'm guessing appreciation will drive me more energetically for the purposes in life. Maybe, just maybe, in another way of thinking, LOVE can provide me that 实实在在(realistic) appreciation. When I need a hug, she can give me a hug to "show" me she's there appreciating me, telling me from the heart at the same time: Dear, thank you for loving me, I'm very sure there's no other able to love me like you do...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Malaysian's "superb" creativity and...valentine's day.

1st...tell me, just tell me in case I'm not creative enough, how is this related to "menghapuskan ades" ? (for my friends studying overseas, m'sia's denggi cases' increasing this few months, so LRT began advertising "anti denggi") I don't know htf it is related, so, I'm saying malaysians seriously got no creativity, so, they went the other way round, creating something out of nonsense. Cacat betul. And there's more...

Hmm..."jangan bagi laluan" ??? EH, tak bagi laluan, macam mana dapat keluar? Apa ni lar, mangkuk!

This yr's best cny deco so far for the big guns shopping centre in KL is...1U, the cats are just so cute, they can even wave. Their christmas deco sucks but cny's so far's the best, as I have not explore all yet. Midvalley's not bad, theme's nth related to the big cat, hanged a bunch of dragonflies around.

Okok, bout valentine's day. (I can translate a banana vers for those who want to know what I wrote below, just leave a comment, LOL!)

今年情人节刚好落在大年初一,情人节? 什么东西啊?终于来了个更大的日子掩盖了连续二十一年情人节贡龟的我的落寞。哪个亲戚在大年初一敢问我怎么没做逃兵过情人节去,我想我会说:老子我老早看破红尘,牙医退休后就当神父去(他们一定会说:哈?你老妈老豆会难过的!)/这个年代,好女孩稀有,不好找啊,多看看吧!我这当事人比你还耐心呢!你急什么啊?想急?尿憋久点不就急了?回答哪个,看当时心情!爱情的感觉对我来说还是很模糊。除了纸上谈兵的看了几本鸟书,有点心理准备之外,其他的都是问号。心里给情人那一块,是真空的,还没打开,跟爱过却分手了的人不一样吧?他们的,拆开来了,放了别人的心进去。后来,别人的心,离开了,盒子是再也不能倒带关起来,于是灰尘,黄沙沉淀,直到另一个别人的心住进来大扫除。

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cat in the Woods...

Biggest gossip this christmas' not who's Manutd gonna buy, but Tiger Woods, the best golfer turned goofy, the cheater, the tiger turned pussy who hide himself in the Woods, no guts to admit. There, I'll say that, woman's one of the most influential "thing" on earth_to man. In your whole life, you are advised to have woman only, not women! Having woman is ady like keeping an unpredictable bomb, imagine having're awaiting destruction at nuclear level. Remember my brothers, the biggest sex organ in your body is not your ? inch lil' bro, but your mind, remember the cons before you let your lil' bro do anything self destructive!

It was one day before I fly back to Sibu, had a deep conversation with my classmate, Haridasan. When talked about love, he asked me when am I gonna get a girlfriend? I wanna say: Dude, this question is tougher than any question in microbiology, but instead, I say I don't know, too much to concern, afraid to be committed because it means less freedom and responsibility which I can't imagine if I can handle. "What are the responsibilities you're refering to?" was the next question thrown. There was silence...until there was a bird flying by and chirping around and I said, I don't know. Hmm...that was a good question actually. Maybe, just maybe, thinking too far ahead of the future in relationships or in any other things is my biggest issue, sometimes, you just need to go into it first, then only you can see things more clearly regarding your future, open the door and step forward, not standing by the doorside just peeping through crevice.

I guess getting a DSLR would start a new chapter in my life as 2010 approach. It's time to put in more determination to develop more passion and skills to further upgrade who I'm. I don't want to miss anything beautiful around me. Photography would definitely help me observe more. Through observing every details in life, I hope to appreciate life to the max, be more grateful towards God, God's creations, God's blessings towards my family, my friends. new year wishes, besides wishing for continuos blessings from God to my family and friends, I wish for great appetite to eat while building six pack, I wish to have a gf (if God thinks I'm ready) of my dream, I wish for passion and determination to be better in everything I desire to be.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

This Autumn Holiday...这个马来西亚的秋天


虽然这次假期没像原先定的去哪玩,但是每天的生活都过得很悠哉,我想这。。。才算是真正的休息吧(只能这么安慰自己了)。。。这一个月的时间里,大部分的时间我拿来看书,尝试去看看一些鬼马作家 》 九把刀/蔡智恒/橘子的作品,原来小说也可以被写得很浪漫,很有创意。渴望爱情如在沙漠里渴望绿洲的家伙们,蔡智恒的《懈寄生》是你们的鲍鱼鸡汤,去试试看吧。除了看书,我也不忘习惯性地将我的脑袋放空。。。放个真空,没有任何黄色的念头,这对我来讲是彻底的放松吧!哦。。。对,得介绍我的室友给你们认识。。。


说到迈入二十一岁。。。回望我的人生 + 在这假期又读了几本小说(小说跟爱情永远是扯个没完没了)虽然谈不上有什么成就(唯一最自豪的就是到目前为止我还没有肚腩,而我的某些朋友,小西瓜已经三个月大了,谢谢你们的 “提醒”,我会努力的,努力的做 sit up 练我的腹肌,ps 不好意思啦,我是想刺激你们,让这个世界走向。。。男人不再有肚腩的时代,我人很好的,你们是知道的!!!),但是最遗憾的是连场恋爱都没谈过,从此,我错过了那些年,爱情最纯真,没有杂质的年代,接下来将来临的爱情(如果有来临的话),将会是什么样的呢?绝不会是单单纯纯的爱了吧?想到这点,唯有 “干”,才能解释我的心情。只能以自由无价来安慰自己了。

家里的其中一只不知道 “洞” 在那里的 maltese 狗,在这假期辛苦了,被我当狗肉风筝一样的耍(是它自己先无理取闹的乱叫,我才会向它下毒手的!),刚才放它出监狱出来走走,结果它开上十足马力,哦不,是-狗力,疯狂的东奔西跑,北飞南跳,抓住了它还吐舌头装死,赖着不让我抱它回它的狗监狱。。。狗就是狗~