Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blue blue blue...everything blue!

In life, sometimes, something, you just can't help it, you can't do anything...and in life, no one, YES, NO ONE can appreciate as much as you've done...Sibu, as I've observed so far, is a hideout for MOST rich people(meaning not all sibu ppl rich)...hmm, guess what friends around me are buying for chinese new year? Who cares? All you have to know is, they are all four digit_ed. Told my parents bout that as after meal gossip, end up telling me, you also got your D-SLR for four digits what! You're too influenced by those stuff. WHAT THE FUCK! How's is it fair to compare two different category stuff with two different intentions together? As much as I've been influenced(not affected!) by friends around me, I've not even bought any single item more than RM150, not even on big occasions like my 21st b'day when I really really liked that Gucci clip wallet and Toywatch so much. Fashion, I care, that's why I like those nice luxury stuff, but as far as GOD has made me, I'm able to resist the temptations of owning one of those stuff WILLINGLY, so can you please at least give me a compliment or an appreciation to me being a son_that've appreciated everything you two had given me (which your daughter doesn't know), knowing how hard is it for both of you to earn every single cent (which your daughter doesn't appreciate either) to make my life without financial worries. So sad for me when you compare a D-SLR (which I'm determined to develop a skill) to those of my friends who've bought 2 laptop and a desktop in 1 yr's timefor himself despite family financial crisis/gucci, burberry, bling bling watches whenever there's mood to buy/NO.30 badminton racket for his collection...etc. And then I realize what I'm lacking in life now, not LOVE, but appreciation. I'm guessing appreciation will drive me more energetically for the purposes in life. Maybe, just maybe, in another way of thinking, LOVE can provide me that 实实在在(realistic) appreciation. When I need a hug, she can give me a hug to "show" me she's there appreciating me, telling me from the heart at the same time: Dear, thank you for loving me, I'm very sure there's no other able to love me like you do...

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